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3 Hour VIP


Do you feel that the multiple demands of motherhood, entrepreneurship and marriage/long term relationship have caused strain in your relationship?

Are you struggling to communicate with your spouse, fighting too often and feeling angry and disappointed?

Or maybe you aren’t really even communicating much anymore because it is easier than trying to make a point or get him to understand.

Likely intimacy and sex have become a rare occasion and when it happens it doesn’t have the level of passion you deserve and desire.

If you have tried counseling, like the vast majority of my clients, it probably only made things worse.


As a master energy healer with over 20 years experience who specializes in relationships and families this is my specialty and I have helped many women just like you completely transform their relationships, very quickly when nothing else worked for them.

After almost going through a divorce over a decade ago and saving my own marriage, Iearned that under stressful circumstances your energy is affected, and the energetic flow can become reversed (its very common in today’s world).

When there is tension or stress in your partner or yourself it means their energy has become reversed and this actually reverses the energy of everyone else in a household which leads to increased anger, frustration, fighting, exhaustion and a lack of joy, connection and fun.

This leads to blame, guilt and sadness but if the energy is corrected for all household members things can turn around immediately just like magic.

I have seen this transformation happen for many, many of my clients and their partners.

This is why I am so passionate about my work as I know it changes the lives of anyone who experiences it.

My signature offer is a 3 hour intensive where I correct and align your energy and your partner’s energy and everyone else in your household.

We then go to the root of the problem and release any emotions trapped in your body or DNA or the body and DNA of your partner.

Then we move into creating a solution together. You will walk away feeling so much different and vibrating at a much higher frequency.

You will walk away with clarity on how to continue improving your relationship and the energy and motivation to do it

This works even if your partner doesn’t want to take part in the healing.

I have had many clients who were ready to throw in the towel and sign the divorce papers, and their spouse didn’t want to participate and by correcting their energy the partner naturally shifted as well and they were able to better communicate with their spouse and this healed their relationships and they are now in fulfilling relationships.

One client who’s spouse wasn’t originally on board said “she they cannot believe her partner is the same person as he is now treating her like a queen when he just used to be on his phone or ignore her whenever she tried to communicate in the past”

The other benefits my clients have experienced by correcting their energy are MORE MONEY AND CASH FLOW, MORE ENERGY, LOOKING YOUNGER, AND SO MUCH MORE HAPPINESS AND JOY because when your energy is reversed it can block wealth and health as well.

No matter how rough things have gotten it can be healed.

This relationship and life transforming 3 hour Relationship Magic Intensive is normally $750 (valued at over $1500) but I want to make this accessible to some women who desire to save their relationship

Here is a couple of testimonial from my clients 

Working with Hue I’ve seen changes in my relationship with myself - getting clear and accepting who I am and that has trickled into many other areas. I see the biggest changes being in releasing the gunk from the past, being aware of how I’m talking and with my husband. You are the 1st person I’ve been able to talk to about our relationship that has no judgement and encourages me to keep digging into me. Some of that is just for me to get it out so it doesn’t continue to create guilt, shame and resentment. (Kelly Saun )

From working with Hue, I gained a new perspective in my marriage. My marriage was on the brink of divorce, but the coaching and healing that I received from Hue saved us. I was able to process old beliefs and changed how I responded to my husband. Hue also helped me to reconnect with my dreams and worked with me to create a plan of action. I now see that my dreams will be a reality and I am taking action daily for this to happen. Jen Carder (Holistic Health Coach)

Send me a PM f you would like to take advantage of this offer, I promise you will be so glad you did.

When Amanda came to me, she was shy and unable to communicate clearly what she wants; she often felt misunderstood. After her healing, she experienced more fun and joy than she ever had in her LIFE! She was able to incorporate play into her work days. By investing not only in herself, but also in sessions for her very angry husband, he was able to resolve and heal his own angry wounds. Her husband is now looking up to her for inspiration.
— Amanda Eldorado Hills CA

This Healing intensive is very powerful and designed to help you create massive shifts in your relationship very quickly.

You will experience:

  • Initial 3 hour session 
  • 2 weeks of email support (while all of the intense healing integrates) 
  • 20 minute follow up session (to take the healing to the next level)
  • 2 free Monthly Private Group Healing

The results that you may notice are:

  • Feeling less stressed and worried
  • A sense of being able to finally trust
  • Feeling more love and passion toward your partner (I'm known to reignite the spark in relationships where the fire has seemed completely burned out, where my clients felt like they were helplessly staring at the ashes without access to a match!)
  • Feeling a growing sense of peace and lightness that will carry over into your relationship and other areas of your life as well.
  • No matter how rough things have gotten it can be healed.

    This relationship and life transforming 3 hour Relationship Magic Intensive is normally $750 (valued at over $1500) but I want to make this accessible to some women who desire to save their relationship but cannot afford my already reasonable pricing so for this month only I am opening myself up to offering this intensive for only $597


$597 , $300 in Savings


BONUS guided meditation. Daily use of the meditation will support the amazing shifts you will receive from the intensive! and 1 month free of group healing with purchase of the VIP session.

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My marriage was a mess. Hue is truly an angel that God sent to live here with us. She helped me realigned my energy flow and I can already see the benefits for attracting success. My health is getting better, I have a higher level of awareness now. Not only is me benefitting from the energy healing but my whole family. Peace and harmony is now flowing in our home also because I have been cleared and has been calmed more so than ever.

More power to you Hue. I am always grateful to God for using you as his instrument to help many people in different issues in their lives May God bless you more
— Shei, Ventura CA

It's time to shift NOW!