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Working with Hue I’ve seen changes in my relationship with myself - getting clear and accepting who I am and that has trickled into many other areas. I see the biggest changes being in releasing the gunk from the past, being aware of how I’m talking and with my husband. You are the 1st person I’ve been able to talk to about our relationship that has no judgement and encourages me to keep digging into me. Some of that is just for me to get it out so it doesn’t continue to create guilt, shame and resentment. In Business, you helped me see that my ‘title’ isn’t me so I was able to move onward and come out of the closet about WHO I am ( Kelly Sean Granite Bay CA)


From working with Hue, I gained a new perspective in my marriage. My marriage was on the brink of divorce, but the coaching and healing that I received from Hue saved us. I was able to process old beliefs and changed how I responded to my husband. Hue also helped me to reconnect with my dreams and worked with me to create a plan of action. I now see that my dreams will be a reality and I am taking action daily for this to happen.  Jen Carder (Holistic Health Coach)



Hue helped me realigned my energy flow and I can already see the benefits for attracting success..my health is getting better, I have a higher level of awareness now, and I finally got a job in the government that I have been dreaming of. Not only me is benefitting from the energy healing but my whole family.. Peace and harmony is now flowing in our home also because I have been cleared and has been calmed more so than ever. More power to you Hue. I am always grateful to God for using you as his instrument to help many people in different issues in their lives. May you help a lot more people so the earth will be better place to live more than ever!!! May God bless you more.                                

Shei Maquillage. Ventura, CA


Hues healing sessions are very special, she is able to realign your ...energy in minutes and you can feel your vibration lift much higher. After a session with Hue I found myself with far more clarity, confidence and flow in my life. I highly recommend anyone who has been feeling that they are spinning their wheels and not getting optimal results for their efforts try a session. You will be blown away by the shift you will feel.  

Dana Kalin, Intuive Business Coach (www.danakalin.com


My sessions with Hue Anh have been incredibly healing. She has worked on both me and my six month old baby. She released the negative emotions I had been hanging on to relating back to my emergency c-section. She also released some emotions from my baby, including some abandonment issues that I was nervous we would repeat while leaving her with childcare, but Hue talked me through how to handle the situations in the future and this has been a huge shift in both of our lives. We are both happier, calmer, and I feel supported in moving forward in a healthy way!                                                                Stacy

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 I have connected with is Hue Anh Nguyen! She saw a comment I posted in one of her healing threads about dealing with fibromyalgia, and immediately set up a call to discuss how she could help. She has a million different tools in her toolbox, in addition to a vast knowledge base and an amazing love for helping people! After just one healing session with her, I experienced less pain, and some major emotional blocks being released!!! She, too, has continued to follow up after the session, giving me meditations, advice, and encouragement! I would recommend her to...anyone! Superficially those dealing with illness or emotional attachments to past events!                                          

Ashley Hay, Intuitive Artist


I feel so much love and have a lot of respect for Hue Anh Nguyen! This beautiful and powerful woman has helped tremendously to propel my soul business to amazing and great heights. Through her powerful gifts, I've been able to: 1) attract magical abundance into my life - I've earned over 2k in my business in May in less than a week. 2) Manifest clients who resonate with my powerful gifts as a Medical and Soul Intuitive 3) connect with other amazing people who also want to help me share my gifts with the world.                                   Maricris Dominique, Dela Cruz HI

Medical Psychic



Raylene Nuanes

So I had another session with the amazing Hue last night ,during the session I felt the release of last life trauma and especially this life trauma . my 3 rd eye was cleared and as a result of that I actually heard the opening of the clearing and hearing wink emoticon! I woke up this morning hearing my guides and spirit team very clearly with out meditation;) (Medium)


Debra have being suffering for over 40 years, within 3 hours of our time together, totally shifted..  

Debra have being suffering for over 40 years, within 3 hours of our time together, totally shifted..