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The Lotus

Hue Nguyen

I feel extremely blessed handling and arranging beautiful handmade lotuses. Each lotus has special prayers/vows, giving special merits to our respective parents.

Each lotus is filled with pure loving and compassionate energy. Handling each one individually, along with a burning candle produce soothing, meditative and calming results. With each lighting thanks are given for pure love and light.

During the time of Vu Lan, "The Buddhist holiday of Vu Lan, traditionally considered an important event in praise of motherly love, was celebrated nationwide" 

The Ullambana Sutra says: “People should vow to help their parents live 100 years without illness, suffering, afflictions or worries. They should also vow to alleviate the suffering of the hungry spirits of seven generations of ancestors to allow them to be born among men and gods and to have blessing and bliss without limit.”

We are reminded and give thanks to our parents who granted us the gift of life. It is a reminder to exhibit kindness and love to our living parents for the gift they have granted us, the ultimate gift.

Life is a series of moments. Live each moment

Hue Nguyen

Friday night I had the privilege of conversation with 16 nuns and a head monk. The head monk was a Buddhist abbott, from Dai Dang Monastery in San Diego. We had a very casual tea ceremony, a time to question and be enlightent by these holy people. 

Thay Tue Giac shared his experiences regarding his responsibility at the monastery, his love of his disciples, his love to of studying the dharma. His approach is that he never does any work. He considered everything he does in the moment an act of pleasure and joy. It is the mind interpretation as to how an individual view everything.  It was explained to me that nothing is hard, nothing is intense, it is really a minds' game to live in the moment and enjoy each moment. 

The lesson to be learn is, when living in the moment, it is just a moment. Life is play, live to enjoy it.