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Mastering Your Energy 101

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Mastering Your Energy

      Join Mastering My Energy now to change your life and the lives of others! 

Here's What You Get:

 Learn how to harness the power of Universal Energy to Balance, Revitalize, and Correct your personal energy system to optimize Health, Relationships, and Success.

3 Hours with 3  Weeks support  to Create Healthy Body, Mind, and Spirit 

This is going to be the easiest thing that you will ever do to stay aligned and energized

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Begin with a check in.

  • Identify what is Chronic Reverse Polarity, how do we get it and techniques to correct


  • Setting intentions – Why is my Energy backward? Lesson One How to Correct your energy – 10 minutes of Guided Meditation to charge you up for vitality


  •   Introducing the 2nd method to correct energy – How do I keep my energy balanced. Guided Meditation Loving and Forgiveness


.     How do I use my energy method to manifesting?  Guided Meditation for manifestation


I had been experiencing a lot of anger, resentment, and anxiety. I wasn't even sure where it was all coming from, but I was even having a hard time filling up spots for my preschool. I was searching for help and tried several things, but I was unable to change my mood until I found Hue. I had a session with her, got instant relief from anxiety and even filled up the spots at my Pre-school. I decided to take this thing further and do everything I could to shift my life, so I took a leap and signed up for Massive Impact. I've learned so many things, and with just one of her tools, Peaceful Dragon, my everyday has been completely transformed. All my babies are even calmer and their parents have reported they're now sleeping better! Ladies, this program has seriously changed my life. If you have the opportunity to work with Hue, do it now! Elizabeth


Thank you so much, Hue for putting together such an information crammed course. I can really tell you put a lot of heart and soul into this work and truly appreciate your kindness, knowledge, experience, dedication, and passion. Thank you for gifting the wonderful healing sessions that were transformative. So blessed to have crossed paths with you and looking forward to the journey ahead with the new tools. (Aditi)

 You'll start using these techniques immediately and for the rest of your life.

 I'll also send you Guidance Notes to help you retain and implement the lessons. 


Early Bird Pricing for before February 1st, $277 Plus one on 30 minutes value at $123 with me.

after it will be $297 

You will people get a Personalized Sacred Healing Symbol Meditation Value $97. Symbol of manifestation with instructed meditation. 

Do not hesitate to call me or message me at 916 934 4339 


Payment here EARLY BIRD SPECIAL $277                After February 2nd Pay Now $297

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The Specific Chiropractic Center 1895 E Roseville Pkwy #190, Roseville, CA 95661
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