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Entities and Spirit Removal

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Entities and Spirit Removal

Entities and negative energies can have varying degrees of influence over their host, ranging from a mild energy drain to almost total possession (which is extremely rare).

Common signs are:

* Hearing voices

* Sudden cravings for alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, etc.-- especially after surgery or traumatic event

* Sudden weight gain-especially after surgery or a traumatic event Fears and phobias

* Sudden changes in behavior-such as increased anger, depression and thoughts of suicide

* Serious illness of unknown cause Loss of energy

* Memory and concentration problems

* Unexplained physical problems-such as pain from an undetermined cause

* Migraine headaches

* Night terrors and nightmares

* Panic or anxiety attacks

* Multiple personalities

I have special pricing to remove entities, $247 plus 7 days text/voxer support. You can validate with me free via text, decide to pay and remove. I am not a Doctor, I just have the ability to remove entities, and attachments

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