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Healthy Marriage in 90 days


1 on 1 coaching program

- recommended for those who want to go very deep in their own personal healing and create a magical marriage and be attuned to a magical modality that is only Hue’s and that value is $500.

Start out with a 90 minute deep dive session and 11 one hour sessions

Relationships are challenging, especially when you are experiencing a lack of confidence and have a lot of difficulty trusting due to painful events in past relationships. When communication is feeling strained and you are feeling misunderstood, the romance also seems to disappear, and the last thing we can bear to think about is being intimate with our partner.

Being Spiritual is sexy

Being Spiritual is sexy

We customize this program to your unique marriage,

you own energy, and the greatest element of this work is that it not only helps you fall back in love with your marriage and heal old wounds but it also completely transforms all other areas of your life (my clients in this program have had bonus results such as making tons more money, having huge shifts in their health, far increased energy, experiencing a sense of joy and purpose like never before) and of course amazing sex is usually an outcome of my work as we unlock your highest potential in this area.

Massive shifts in communication

, learning to embody your feminine essence so he starts showing up as that strong man you wish he would be.


I myself coming from a conservative asian background

had a lot of my own work to do in this area so I understand blocks to being expressed in this area and how to completely shift them (hello multiple orgasms even if you have never had one before)!!

You don't need your partner to participate

but what I have found is that this vibration raising energy shifting work causes huge changes in one’s partner even if at first they are resistant.

We heal anything blocking in your past

past lives and energy field and then we determine what your dream marriage looks like (we do this together so don’t worry if you have no clue right now, I got you here.

Then we rewrite your story

from a beautiful blank slate in a way that completely lights you up on a daily basis.

A local entrepreneur finally has “fun” and “self-care” in her vocabulary! When she came to me, she was shy and unable to communicate clearly what she wants; she often felt misunderstood. After her healing, she experienced more fun and joy than she ever had in her LIFE! She was able to incorporate play into her work days. By investing not only in herself, but also in sessions for her very angry husband, he was able to resolve and heal his own angry wounds. Her husband is now looking up to her for inspiration.
— Tiffany K ( Cameron Park)

This Healing intensive is very powerful and designed to help you create massive shifts in your relationship very quickly.

You will experience:

  • Initial 90 minutes
  • 11 weekly 60 minutes sessions.
  • 3 free Monthly Private Group Healing

The results that you may notice are:

  • Feeling less stressed and worried
  • A sense of being able to finally trust
  • Feeling more love and passion toward your partner (I'm known to reignite the spark in relationships where the fire has seemed completely burned out, where my clients felt like they were helplessly staring at the ashes without access to a match!)
  • Feeling a growing sense of peace and lightness that will carry over into your relationship and other areas of your life as well.




BONUS guided meditation. Daily use of the meditation will support the amazing shifts .   GET a FREE STRATEGY SESSION NOW

From working with Hue, I gained a new perspective in my marriage. My marriage was on the brink of divorce, but the coaching and healing that I received from Hue saved us. I was able to process old beliefs and changed how I responded to my husband. Hue also helped me to reconnect with my dreams and worked with me to create a plan of action. I now see that my dreams will be a reality and I am taking action daily for this to happen. Jen Carder (Holistic Health Coach)
— Jen Carder