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365 Ways to Connect With Your Soul

365 Ways Book Series

365 Ways to Connect With Your Soul


365 Ways to Connect With Your Soul


Plan ahead for a gifts for clients or friends. I have been a contributing Author to 365 ways to connect with your soul.
Order today, use my pay pal link for USA resident. Special Calligraphy hand made book mark with blessing. $20 will ship anywhere in USA

365 Ways to Connect with Your Soul!
Over 200 beautiful souls came together to share how they connect with their own souls with the hopes that it will help you connect with yours as well.
This book is really special – it’s filled with over 400 pages of such good energy and love, and it’s already been healing for so many.

It’s available as a printed book or as an ebook.

We believe that staying connected to our soul helps us stay connected to all that is. Our soul is our lifeline to the universe. We also believe that connecting with our soul can be easy, completely doable, and doesn’t have to take a lot of time.
We’ve written this book to help you connect with your soul in fun and easy ways.
Whether you’re already plugged in and are looking for fun ways to deepen your connection, or you are feeling disconnected and are looking for loving ways to plug back in, this book makes it super easy to align with your soul and the universe at any given moment.

-Soulful Practices
-Gratitude, Love, & Prayer
-Nature & Animals
-Playing & Having Fun
-Wellness & Self-Care
-Creativity & Writing
-Angels, Spirit Guides, & the Ethereal
-Thoughts, Feelings, & Our Vibrations
-Following Our Purpose & Passion


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